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Nigeran men are better than UK men at shouldering bills

Nigerian Men Are Better Than UK Men At Shouldering Bills – Vee

Nigerian Men Are Better Than UK Men At Shouldering Bills – Vee

Reality TV star Vee Iye has shared her experience with men in Nigeria and the UK.

This is coming after Vee, who was born and brought up in the UK, revealed no desire to return there.

Speaking on a podcast, she talked about her previous relationships and praised Nigerian men over their counterparts in the UK. To back her claim, the former Big Brother Naija housemate referenced the financial aspect of going on dates.

According to Vee, Nigerian men are better at taking responsibility for the financial implications of going on dates with women. Unlike UK men, who go by the 50:50 method of splitting bills.

She emphasised, however, that it was not due to British men being tight with money; rather, it was a cultural difference from how it was done in Nigeria.

She also said that for a while, she brought that mentality with her to Nigeria and used to split bills with her men on dates, something she now considers to as being scammed.

Recently, the UK-born media personality shared that she has no desire to leave Nigeria as she is in love with the adventure and “beautiful chaos” that come with Lagos.

In her words, “When I said I wanted to come to Nigeria and figure things out, I wanna see it through. I don’t think I’m tired yet. I unfortunately love the beautiful chaos of Lagos; I don’t know why. But I feel like the same thing applies to people that have lived in Lagos their whole lives and they want to leave. I don’t blame them.”

Vee claimed that she had taken the decision to create a life for herself in Nigeria, and she wasn’t prepared to abandon her purpose by flying back to her birthplace.

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