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Things A Man Must Know By Age 25

A man must figure out how to judge people’s authenticity.

This helps him avoid getting cheated or fooled in life. This also helps him identify his true friends and enemies.

A man must figure out how to earn money.

Making your own money and getting self sufficient is non negotiable for all men. You have to obey who pays for your food and shelter. To truly become independent a man must not depend on anyone for his survival.

A man must gain full control of his lust.

A man who can control his desires is free. One of the most dangerous weapons used against men are women. A man driven by lust is used by women as a slave.

A man must gain mental toughness, emotional stability and physical strength in his 20s.

These are every man’s prime years, he can be anything he wants to be in these golden years. This is when he understands his dependence on testosterone and optimizes it for life.

A man must gain command over his rage, anger, ruthlessness, kindness, love, patience and his tongue.

The right use of these at the right times can make him the best man alive. Any man who fails in life is because he lost control of one or more of these.

A man should be knowledgeable about the 3 dark triads.

Identifying these in himself or in others will help him excel in life. The dark triad is a psychological theory of personality, first published by Delroy L. Paulhus and Kevin M. Williams in 2002, maybe we shall dive into this topic on it own in a refreshing post. The first, Narcissism (entitled self-importance), second, Machiavellianism (strategic exploitation and deceit) and the third, psychopathy (callousness and cynicism). He can use people’s nature to his advantage in almost all situations

Most importantly, a man must figure out how to identify good women.

Choosing a wife is the most important decision of a man’s life. He can get this wrong and everything else will be destroyed in his life. He must know by the age 25, how to live with women and how to lead them. How to never compromise with your respect, honor or goals while leading her. Be it from heartbreak or teachings from a good mentor.

A man must know this all.

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