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12 things to start doing for yourself

Take some time to meditate and organize your thoughts. It is been said that only a quiet mind get things done. Creativity could be birth in lone times. Have you heard about forest bathing? In 1982, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries created the term “shinrin-yoku”, which translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere.” The practice encourages people to simply spend time in nature — no actual bathing required.

Learn a new skill. There is no limit to what a man can achieve I have always hated staying all your life on a single job. Even lawyers now go out of their usual chamber and court room life to sell earth. Nigeria could be sometimes limiting to explore all your ideas. For instance, lack of constant electricity but belief me, you can always start from that little corner and the dots will keep aligning.

Wake up early enough. Even if it is not to pray, let it be to plan the new day. I realize over the years that smart people wake up early.

Quit some bad habits. You know the peculiar ones to you. Some have the habit of staying glued in a toxic relationship. Others have dent their relationships with their loved ones as a result of inability to quit smoking or excessive drinking lifestyle. Talkativeness is a bad habit also incase you do not know. It could be detrimental to be the type that share all the plans you have in mind with people.

Learn to distinguish between negative and toxic people. This is not thought in schools even if you read psychology. You can read people by interacting with people.

Be careful of the role models you choose. Your role modes have secret demons they battle. Watch!

Learn a new language. It could be for the fun of it. The internet has made it easier do this. Just stretch and be burning.

Acknowledge your flaws. Weak people don’t say sorry, no matter your status, when you begin to feel you cannot make mistakes, you begin to whiter.

Review your finances at least once a week. This is important, so as to strike out waste from a list of your expenses.

Set achievable goals. No small dreams but hit it by building brick by brick.

Learn how to cook healthy meals. Men should aim to cook better in a society.

Change what you can and learn to live with what you cannot. Some people stay dejected and they spend their moments wailing if only I had John’s brain or Dolapo’s parents and Chidi’s connections, maybe I would have the job, I would get better pay.

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