You are currently viewing Ogun state journalist, Tobi Ojeleye ventures into Logistics and transportation Business

Ogun state journalist, Tobi Ojeleye ventures into Logistics and transportation Business

A journalist based in Ogun State, Tobi Ojeleye has ventured into logistics and transportation business. This exploit is unfolding after sharing more than three years experience in the broadcast industry.

According to Tobi Ojeleye, Agbaoje transportation will focus on the movement of peoples, goods and services, from their domains to other parts -anywhere in Nigeria.

Tobi Ojeleye while interacting with Journalists said, it has always been a dream and part of his focus to float a logistics firm as part of efforts to ease the tussle of people around him whenever they needed a means of mobility.

Highlighting some of the services Agbaoje transportation and logistics services will be offering, Ojeleye listed; One way taxi service, Round trip taxi, Out station, Pickup and drop service, Local car rent as other trips. Just call us and ask us about the transportation service you need.

Explaining the concept behind, the name “Agbaoje”, Tobi Ojeleye stated that, it is a conglomerate, of three pillars, “MUSIC, CLOTHING and MEDIA”.

According to him, C.A Outfit was created in 2021. We have been releasing various Music singles and MEDIA contents since 2008 and now we are building a logistics firm.

“Those who have been keeping track of my effort in Music and Radio broadcast, can attest to my creativity in stretching to make a mark.”

“No limit to what a man can do. These are words that has always been my guiding principle. I cannot imagine been caught up on aspiring towards on one thing my whole life.”

He noted that it is not a taboo to be involved in various skills in life.

“In this part of the world, we do what’s necessary to survive. Even in United States of America, we have heard of individuals who introduce to their friends, associates and people they meet, the skills they trade and the profession they are involved in.

For instance, a Mathematics lecturer in Michigan, USA once told my Uncle that he repairs robots and my uncle asked him and also electric cars. This same man also works as a councillor.

Tobi Ojeleye recalled and explained that in 1977, the same year Dangote relocated to Lagos to expand his company to begin trading in commodities, including bagged cement, as well as agricultural goods like rice and Sugar, he started trading and then turned to a great producer of commodities.

“I am optimistic on what the future holds”, stating that he will not be discouraged in propagating the gospel of his business, calling on well wishers to patronize and refer someone.

He also spoke on the challenges of running a successful business in Nigeria, noting that many investors thrive because they are slave drivers.

“I know that running businesses could be challenging but as an African, I know that “eni to baa le pawoda ko Le ni isoro.”- meaning, “he who knows how to change hands will be okay financially.”

“Driving has been fun to me and I am still very young and vibrant. Why can’t I make money driving.” He stated that he has always been involved in driving his parents at a very young age.

“Running errands for my bosses, lecturers and parents has been part of me while growing as a teenager.”

He commented on using bolt app in ABEOKUTA, as been challenging because the rate they give are mostly too cheap for both the driver and the passenger in comparative to the comfort bolt expect the driver to give passengers.

“The driver needs to put his car in a good working condition and it takes a lot of money and effort to keep the car that fresh. Passengers expect a very cool air-conditioned car. A very neat one too. It costs money to put vehicles in such state of maintenance”, Tobi Ojeleye laments.

He said that Bolt will deduct a 25%percent from earnings. “The whole responsibility of the vehicle and driver is that of the owner. No insurance.”

“Imagine picking a passenger for a 3km to 4km drive and bolt is charging such passenger N600 naira only. Fuel now costs N500 per litre. How do we level that?

Tobi Ojeleye stated the notion behind noting that it is primarily to cater for Media, Clothing (C.A Outfit), Logistics and Music. 

“When people ask about my online platform,, that name, I tell them, Agbaoje is a brand and trademark that people branded me after the release of my hit Single “Omo Daada in 2018.

“Then, I decided to infuse all my passion including Music, Clothing, reportage and Logistics firm into it.”

“Tobi is my name, T-Purge is my stage name and Agbaoje is a brand for all I do”, Tobi Ojeleye, the media guy stated.”

You will recall that In December 2022, I released a Music track titled “Nigeria”, this was during the fuel surge and scarcity. Music is forever me, the peace I derive in it cannot be imagined nor compared if you are not in that realm.”

Link to “Nigeria” and “Omo Daada” below.

Nigeria by T-Purge

Omo Daada by T-Purge

“Music will never stop in me but you need money to drive the Music. You pay money to keep your songs on streaming platforms, you pay for promotions and Media. These things are not cheap but necessary. So you’re either working or rendering a service to push your music before it begins to pay.

“The website is more of a blog at the moment but we are working on making it an E-commerce website that will encompass all the business and services we render.”

He said that people should understand that it takes a lot of efforts and supports to have businesses grow in any part on the world, noting that cars have been fixed to offer a comfortable ride and experience for clients and passengers.

According to him, the registration with CAC is under processing while a physical office is yet to be secured but he stated that a drop of water and effort sums up to make an ocean of successes.

“If we have to wait till we have everything in place, nothing will start. So we are starting small with a strong believe that we shall grow.” Ojeleye assured.

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