You are currently viewing If you subject yourself to anything that will corrupt you, you will also corrupt others: Pastor Abiodun Emmanuel Oyedele warns young girls

If you subject yourself to anything that will corrupt you, you will also corrupt others: Pastor Abiodun Emmanuel Oyedele warns young girls

Pastor Abiodun Oyedele has urged young girls to be careful what they subject themselves to. He warned that when one is corrupted, others will be affected.

He gave the warning during his message to girls of Egbado college, at a two days Daughters of Zion (DOZ) retreat held at Egbado college, Ilaro, on Friday and Saturday.

He warned young girls about the dangers involved in engaging in illicit drugs, sex and prostitution.

In his message titled, “the strength of a woman with a bible text taken from Genesis 2:18, Pastor Abiodun (Popularly called Pnuel) said some misconceptions about women is that they are weaker vessel and Evil.

Reading from I peter 3:7, he mentioned that many women move about with the misconception that they are weaker, while Apostle Paul was saying the woman is a weaker vessel because she can be easily influenced.

He admonished young girls to allow Jesus into their lives constantly because the heart of a man is desperately wicked but not the heart that Jesus is living.

Reading from, I Timothy 2:14, he preached that before the woman was deceived, her soul was deceived. The woman God created was not naturally evil, it was the devil that came to deceive her. A woman has a persuasive nature which makes women to be called evil.

He described women as a natural influencer who can also be easily influenced and that’s why a woman must be intentional about what she allows to influence her. If you subject yourself to anything that will corrupt you, you will also corrupt others.

the common virtue every women has is influence _ Pastor Pnuel (YouTube channel)

Listing some examples of womenwith an influence, he mentioned Abigael and Jezebel, Sarah according to Genesis 16:1-2, Portiper’s wife according to Genesis 39:3 and Delilah’s influence on Samson.

According to his sermon, a woman is an influencer that can be easily influenced, women should make up their mind and not just makeup, we don’t know how established you are until circumstances surrounds you, noting that women must sustain their walk with God by first loving God.

According to witnesses, they acknowledged the power and presence of God on the college ground. Young girls spoke in tongues, miracles of signs and wonders filled the air. The thunder of praise and worship vibrated the air. The drums were loud as the guitarist and keyboardist played the melody with coordination and passion.

The head girl of Egbado college, Ilaro, Oguntolu Esther, stated in an interview that the program was amazing especially the song ministration. According to her, she learnt that she is beautiful. “We have to established in Christ because through Jesus Christ, we can do all things. We have to love God to have a rooted foundation.” She thanked the organizers for the great privilege to have them around.

Another female student of MAPOLY, who participated in the program, Ayelabola Boluwatife, said she heard about the program from a platform which she belongs to. “It was wonderful, we bless God it is power filled.” She commended the organizers and expressed her optimism that she will love to be part of such programs in subsequent years.

The head of the committee, Mrs Fadulu Emily in her own remarks stated she has been privileged to be the head of the committee since the advent of the program in 2018 till now. According to her, Daughters of Zion is a sub ministry under Christ Doom partners Ministry. Stating that the program was made possible due to the influence she has on people and the caliber of people around her. “We were able to secure this venue without stress and the student too were very eager to learn.” She said the planning for next year’s edition starts immediately.

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