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The Resilience of Fraudsters in Nigeria.

Tobi Ojeleye,

Telling the fraudsters who scam for a living to stop their devilish activities is like asking them to stop breathing, is like asking them to die. I don’t think any one would sit and wait for his death with full consciousness.

Asking some fraudulent persons to desist from their dishonourable acts without something legal and productive for them to fall back on is like asking them to commit suicide, it’s that bad sometimes.

Most persons who scam to survive in Nigeria are educated, some have degrees. Some of them are even on a paying job. Some have established businesses with money gathered through fraudulent activities and have been able keep the drive going for years.

Even the unemployed ones have no excuse to destroy the lives of people. People should be smart too and ask questions. Others should avoid greed and gullibility.

One Sandra on linked-In was of the opinion that all internet fraudster have unemployment in common.

Abidemi Rufai was an appointed special aide to the Governor of Ogun State and was indicted. Many of them who have used years amounting the con money tried to clean the money.

They want to have a public image of the legit identity. The close ones to them in one way or the other knows their real identity and somehow carelessly reveals their true identity to people.


Truth be told, the Nigerian system is a scam. Our educational system is still in shambles. Sometimes I tend to think that the colonial masters intentionally constructed our educational system that way, to keep the graduates poor and dependant.

The value in the educational system has been made petty to the standards of get certificates and search for Jobs.

A country whose political leaders and even a sitting President go to foreign countries for medical checkup and treatment.

Jeremiah Ogunla, once told me that the value he got in the Nigerian educational system is the network of contacts he got.

I am trying to discuss the building of minds into thinking beyond the limits and becoming creators. The training of the hands to build and maintain that which was built.


Do you consider Nigerians and other Africans who risk it all to cross the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea without thinking much about safety. They think surviving or some are just stupid.

Every year hundreds of Nigerians lost their lives either in the Sahara desert or at the Mediterranean sea, while pushing their luck to Europe.

I have seen many social media users asking for a Nigerian prince. Other users reply them to better be careful. You have no idea what you are getting into. These scammers are sophisticated and intelligent. They are good at using Sugar coated words.


A Nigerian fraudster sold a non-existent airport for $242 million to a Brazilian bank in 1995.

US authorities have announced charges against 80 people, most of them Nigerians, in a wide-ranging fraud and money laundering operation that netted millions of dollars from victims of internet con jobs.

A 252-count grand jury indictment charging those people in an operation that procured at least $46m from victims of internet scam jobs.

US authorities have announced charges against 80 people, most of them Nigerians, in a wide-ranging fraud and money laundering operation that netted millions of dollars from victims of internet con jobs.

About 60% of a population of around 200 million is below the age of 40, if Jobs are not provided for the teaming youth, security is going to be a huge challenge, not just for the Nigerian government but the entire world.

In the past, recruitment exercises for Nigeria’s civil service have attracted thousands of applicants but not on this scale in recent years.

In 2014, during one of the worst recruitment drives in recent history, 16 young people died in stampedes as 125,000 job seekers applied for 4,500 jobs with Nigeria’s immigration service.

Nigerians didn’t intentionally bring this challenges open themselves; Hence, we examing the foundation.

The colonial masters did a terrible job and now their children and grand children (westerners) are paying for it. And this is why no one is innocent on the current happenings in developing countries like Nigeria.

The international body doesn’t care much, after all corrupt Nigerian politicians siphon money to Western countries with the help of the westerners. Of course, they are benefiting from the sorrows of Nigerians.

We have to do what we can to make a difference with an understanding that what ever happens in one part may affect the other.

Internet users are to be very careful. Scams might only increase in this digital era. Always safe guard yourself.


My job here is to tell everyone the truth unbiased. I’m in no way in support of scams or dishonourable means of making a living.Thank you for reading.


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