You are currently viewing Segunfunmi Cancer Support Foundation Outreach touched more than 200 lives.

Segunfunmi Cancer Support Foundation Outreach touched more than 200 lives.

More than One Hundred Adults, One Hundred Children, benefitted from the Charity week organized by SEGUNFUNMI CANCER SUPPORT FOUNDATION, in partnership with Women Radio last week.

About 15donors partnered with the foundation to give out Food items, used clothes, shoes and bags, test book and exercise book for the event which was held last week.

The CEO of SEGUNFUNMI SEGUNFUNMI CANCER SUPPORT FOUNDATION, Funmilola Agbayewa, in an interaction with Tobi Ojeleye, expressed that the feedbacks received so far on the just concluded charity outreach is overwhelming.

She appreciated the donors, for the love and trust they shared with the foundation, stating that no contribution is small to help in feeding the hungry and poor people.

“FEEDING POOR is equal to SERVING GOD. With your donation you are feeding 3 community in OGUN STATE; The sick, the Aged, Children, which according to her will serve as a great relief to mothers”

Beneficiaries also gained free eye test, empowerment like Afrocentric crafts, Ankara were used to make hat, ear rings, train ING in Shampoo making, etc.

General body check up were also offered the beneficiaries as medical experts and opticians were available to give out free medical test, eye test, among others to the people.

The three communities who hosted the Charity event were ijemu, Lukosi, Afaja, in Abeokuta North Local Government in Ogun state.

Other side attraction included Music and dancing competition. Food and snacks were offered were offered while beneficiaries, cheered and dance.

The Baale of Afaja community thanked the organizers and encouraged other people to share there time with the needy.

SEGUNFUNMI FOODS NIGERIA LIMITED, a subsidairy of the SEGUNFUNMI Cancer Support Foundation are into naturally processed and packaged foods. They are processed into powder form to make them edible.

“Our slogan is from farm to packaged food”.

“Most of our products are fresh farm products made into packaged foods. NAFDAC just certified our Corn Silk Tea which is very good for anti-cancer, kidney problems. We have our Hibiscus Tea which is what people call Zobo but ours is already in a tea bag form. Just add water (cold or hot) and sweeten it whichever way you want.

Our Hibiscus tea already have ginger, pineapple, cloves with the Zobo leaf. NAFDAC just gave us Granola.

Our Granola is honey based without sugar in it and it is very edible and contains high fiber, and a very good cereal. It is a very natural food that can be used with milk, yogurt and taken raw.

We have cinnamon powder, we have different brand of tea, Cinnamon pineapple tea, for people who needs to have a clean immune system.

Most of our tea are immune booster. We have ginger pineapple tea, turmeric ginger lemon tea, black seed tea (in powder and tea form). Pure lemon tea, very good too. Our products are supplements to help in your healing process.

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