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Nigeria Restores Electricity Supply To Niger As ECOWAS Lifts Sanctions

Nigeria has agreed to restore electricity supply to Niger Republic as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) yesterday lifted the sanctions on Niger, Mali, Burkina-Faso and Guinea.

The sanctions were lifted after the extraordinary summit of ECOWAS on the political, peace and security situation in the sub-region held at the State House Conference Hall, Abuja.

Daily Trust on Sunday had on Friday predicted that the ECOWAS would lift sanctions imposed on Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

A former head of state of Nigeria and founding leader of ECOWAS, General Yakubu Gowon (retd), had on Wednesday urged the regional bloc to lift all sanctions imposed on the three countries. He had also asked the three countries to withdraw their notices to quit ECOWAS.

Nigeria had in August last year cut off electricity supply to Niger Republic as one of the sanctions imposed by the ECOWAS against the coupists in the country.

Nigeriens had felt the pangs of the lack of electricity in their country.

Senators from northern Nigeria, under the aegis of the Northern Senators Forum, had last November asked President Bola Tinubu to restore electricity to Niger Republic.

The Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, who is the chairman of the ECOWAS, had earlier yesterday called for the suspension of economic sanctions imposed on Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

He said the sanctions were intended to persuade the countries to the negotiating table.

He explained that ECOWAS took its steps based on the regional ideals of security, social stability, democratic governance, political freedom, broad-based prosperity and sustainable economic development through fair opportunities for everyone in West Africa.

He said neither hatred nor hidden motive influenced the steps taken and there was never any intention to douse or undermine the legitimate political aspirations of any member-state or advance the interests of any outside party.

Tinubu asked the ECOWAS to facilitate the unfettered flow of foodstuffs, medicines and other humanitarian items to the people of these countries, especially the most vulnerable.

He said that for Nigeria, “This will also mean the prompt resumption of export of electricity to Niger.”

Reading the communique of the meeting to journalists, the president of the ECOWAS Commission, Dr Omar Touray, said the regional bloc resolved to lift the sanctions because of its implications on the citizens of the three countries and the West African sub-region as a whole.

He said, “The Authority has resolved to lift, with immediate effect, the following measures imposed on the Republic of Niger – closure of land and air borders between ECOWAS countries and Niger. No fly zone of all commercial flights to and from Niger is to be lifted. Suspension of all commercial and financial transactions between ECOWAS member states and Niger is to be lifted. Freezing of all service transactions, including utility services, is to be lifted.

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