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Three Men Engage In Argument Over The Paternity Of Two Children.

A tumultuous situation unfolded as three men engaged in heated disputes regarding the paternity of two children from a woman they all claimed to be married to.

On Wednesday, in Ibadan, Taiba Raman, admitted to having concurrent sexual relationships with the men involved.

According to the men’s testimonies, they married Raman after fulfilling her mother’s stipulation of assisting in clearing her debts, thus earning the right to wed her.

However, complications arose when two of the men asserted that they fathered children with Raman, only for another man to claim paternity of both offspring.

These revelations surfaced during a radio program named Kokoro Alate on Agidigbo 88.7 FM in Ibadan.

Sharafa, one of the men, recounted his journey with Raman, including paying off her debts and later having a child with her.

He expressed shock when another person claimed ownership of their child, leading to a perplexing turn of events involving the exhumation of the buried placenta.

Similarly, Oseni, another man, claimed paternity of a second child with Raman, highlighting discrepancies in Raman’s account of a miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy.

Contrary to their claims, Rauf, the third man, insisted on being the father of both children, despite his surprise at discovering Raman’s relationships with other men.

In her defense, Raman maintained that Rauf was the legitimate father of the children, despite her marital status with all three men and her admitted involvement with them.

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